V's is going out of business effective March 8, 2020.

About Me


Hi, I'm Vanessa!

My love for massage began in middle school. I would massage myself and my teammates after track meets. I continued to massage friends and family as I matured into adulthood. I worked several different jobs, always keeping massage as a hobby. Finally, I made the decision to go to school for massage. I knew I wanted more than just a certificate for "fluff and buff" massages, so I attended the 2 year Associate's program for medical massage at Miami Jacobs College. My instruction included classes in various massage techniques, philosophies, anatomy and physiology. I graduated in 2012 and became licensed by the Ohio State Medical Board to practice massage. I have worked with several chiropractors over the years, as well as owning my own private office. I love medical massage because it allows me to help people feel, move, and heal better.


Current Certificates and Licenses for 2018:

  • Licensed for Massage Therapy by Ohio Medical Board
  • ​Oncology Massage Certificate
  • Prenatal Massage Certificate
  • Hot stone Certificate
  • Himalayan Salt Stone Certificate
  • Chair Massage Certificate


​My favorite success stories...

I always watch my clients walk in the door. You can tell a lot by how a person walks, for example, what part of their body hurts. I have several elderly clients who I watch shuffle in slow and labored. They walk crippled with canes. After an hour of my V's Signature Massage, they feel so much better, they have actually sauntered out of the door and forgotten their canes! I love what I can do for them!

I have another client who has had a scar on her forehead since she was 1 year old. It was a raised bump from where she had stitches. At 35, she had long since accepted that it was just a part of her life. Unknown to her, I was secretly massaging it during her normal monthly massages. Through a special technique, called digital massage, I had almost completely erased the scar tissue, reducing the bump to nothing but smooth skin. She finally noticed about six months later. She was amazed! I am so happy I could help her look her best!